Welcome to Head South Radio

Offering you the sex and relational information you didn’t get.

A podcast dedicated to prioritizing pleasure and removing the stigma and shame around sex. We are here to be curious and have an open conversation about sexual health and relational wellness.

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Head South Radio is an opportunity to be curious and explore sexual health and relational well-being.

I hope that by listening to these conversations, you can better understand your sexual and relational needs as well as connect and relate to the people around you.  

Head South Radio is a sex-positive podcast recorded in Brooklyn, New York hosted by Cat Meyer.

Your host: Cat Meyer

Head South Radio is a podcast that was born from my desire to learn more about my own sexual journey and understand the experiences of those around me. 

I hope that listening to a subject that doesn’t pertain to you gives you insight into what someone close to you may be going through, be it a partner, a loved one, a friend, or a family member. How we can better understand and relate to each other is a powerful way to create a deep, long-lasting connection.