AAPI Heritage Month

AAPI Heritage Month

In celebration of  AAPI Month We wanted to share the accounts of some incredibly inspiring AAPI advocates working towards destigmatising the shame around our sexuality and sexual health.

As the founder of Head South, a sexual wellness brand committed to fostering inclusivity and empowerment, I am driven by a profound belief in the importance of representation. 

In a society where AAPI voices are often marginalized or overlooked, I am acutely aware of the responsibility I carry — to not only amplify my own voice but also to uplift the voices of my community. Through Head South, I strive to challenge stereotypes, dismantle stigma, and foster a more inclusive dialogue around sexual health and pleasure.

As a Filipino American woman, I am proud to bring my heritage into the forefront of my work. I hope that by embracing and celebrating my identity, I can inspire others to do the same — to embrace their heritage, their sexuality, and all the facets that make them uniquely themselves.

With pleasure, gratitude, and solidarity,
Cat Meyer


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